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Welcome to the annual Third Coast Improv Fest! Thank you for being a part our favorite event of the year. Not only does this festival bring together some of the best improv from around the country, all of the proceeds benefit Unscripted, the nonprofit organization of the Third Coast community.


It's also a really exciting time to be a part of the helping us to serve our mission to heal, empower, and connect the community through improv! In September, we celebrated our 5th birthday, and just a few weeks ago we were awarded the Diviersified Trust New Generations award from the Center for Nonprofit Management for our "Third Beat: Improv for Older Adults" program. We've seen substantial growth as an organization in many ways. In 2022 so far, we've already served almost 1200 people with our improv programs - more than our first three years of programming combined in just this year alone. 75% of those received participants received free improv instruction or performance, and didn't pay to play with us at all. 

Like all of us, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit - we weren't sure how we were going to continue providing improv to the community. Thanks to a great team of teachers, staff, and volunteers we were able to pivot several of our programs online and even started Zoomprov Breaks - which began as free 30 min drop-in improv jams three times a day back in March 2020 to provide a safe and joyful space to connect with others during a deeply isolated time. Zoomprov Breaks now take place once a week on Wednesdays at noon CST - and are still free and open to anyone. We've loved providing improv programs for friends around the world through Zoom, but we're so thankful to be back in the theater with you here.


Our resources and energy have increasingly focused on how to create more equitable, inclusive, and accessible paths to (and within) improv. We hope to see you at our lunch and learn panel on Saturday November 5 at noon as we continue the conversation around improv with community outreach and access in mind. 

Whether you’re on stage, in the seats, or behind the scenes: we appreciate you! Enjoy the Third Coast Improv Festival and please reach out if you'd like to connect and learn more!

Emma Supica

Unscripted Executive Director

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