Welcome to our annual Third Coast Improv Fest! Thank you for being a part our favorite event of the year. Not only does this festival bring together some of the best improv from around the country, all of the proceeds benefit Unscripted, the nonprofit organization of the Third Coast community.

Since our launch in 2017, Unscripted programs have reached over 1,000 people across the community. Our mission is to make improv a more accessible art form, use improv as a method for wellness and education, and learn about the benefits of practicing improv. This year, we added several new programs, including Improv for Anxiety, which most participants report was way more fun and way less scary than they thought it would be.

Whether you’re on stage, in the seats, or behind the scenes: we appreciate you!


Join us for an Unscripted Happy Hour to say hi and learn more about joyous work your support helps us do in the community. Enjoy the festival!


Emma Supica

Unscripted Executive Director

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