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Improv Science Theater 4000 Squares.png

11/2 7PM BLOCK



CAST: Arianna Guillard, Darwin Fu, Heather Hull, James Paul, Lindsay Frederick, Mary Claire Reynolds, Paige Kaprelian, Sam Brewer, Thomas Clements

Improv Science Theater 4000 is an improv comedy variety style show combining both short and long form improv themed by local scientists who come to the stage to share their research! Each show, the ensemble performs with a different rockstar science researcher!


Improv Science Theater 4000 combines the intricacies of science and the joys of improv in the best way possible! Each show, the cast invites a different scientist to talk about their current research, the long-term implications of this research, and their scientific journey. In between each of these talks, the group performs both short and long form improv using the scientist as inspiration.

Come out and laugh with the ensemble and you might even learn a thing or two about science!

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