Cast: Claudia D. Mijares, Courtney Rozas, Kristen Foster, Monique Morton Derouselle, Sarah Mikayla Brown

Rag Tag's specialty is high energy, free-form improv. Their style is fast-paced, quick-witted, and sometimes a bit blue. These ladies are no "ladies." They're brave, clever, and not afraid to dive into controversial topics that many other improv troupes might find "too squicky," all while maintaining a level of class that highlights their combined decades of improv and theatre experience.

When the Lafayette improv scene started to bloom, it was clear that it contained an anomaly rarely heard of in mainstream improv communities: an even balance of men to women. Seizing on the opportunity to showcase their estrogen in August 2017, Rag Tag are made up of the women who are the backbone of Lafayette, Louisana's improv community. These ladies happily and generously filled a void that was so desperate to be filled, and have regular slumber parties and brunch rehearsals to keep themselves sharp and synced-up.



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