Cast: Edd Garcia, Dillon Davis, Elizabeth Berry, Whitney Wolanin, Isaac Kirk, Drew Watson, Pat Long, Ally Baker, Kim Herrmann, Catherine Schwartz, Ryan Citrino, Luke Watson, Bill Hillsman, Mark Neglia, Sandra Partridge, Leigh Truemper


We’re an improv comedy troupe based in Nashville!  Every part of every show is unscripted and made up on the spot with the help of suggestions from the audience–no two shows are alike.  We’re known for our hilarious, fast-paced short-form (as seen on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’) and our unique long-form improv styles. Our group is made of improvisers from all over the country who have been trained by veteran improvisors from schools of improv that include The Second City, iO (ImprovOlympic), Dad’s Garage Theater, and many others.


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