Cast: Cam Bowman, Christina Reichert, Cortney Warner, Dana Daniele, Eddie Lauderback, Jason Edwards, Libby Genz


Millennials are killing napkins. Breakfast cereal. Buffalo Wild Wings. But laughter? Not so fast – millennials may be entitled, selfish, and narcissistic, – not to mention their fundamental need for a prize for everything they do – but damn, they’re still funny.
Deftly navigating generational barriers, barbecue sauce spills in the kitchen and “the most important meal of the day,” Consolation Prize performs CPR on the solemnity-riddled corpse of modern humor, giving those born between 1981 and 1996 a new chance to redeem themselves and giving everybody else a new chance to poke fun. Join them for their next show at Third Coast Comedy Club – after all, you get a prize just for showing up!


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