Cast: Eric Angell, Faustino Solis, Kimberly Faubel, Neil Corso, Philip Kotler, Tommy Todd

Bleach Improv has been playing collectively in Las Vegas since 2013 but, as individuals, it's been far longer than that. Self-proclaimed “best friends,” they've created their signature long-form-improv show that utilizes the classic improv-based audience suggestion in a way that paints each player in a new light and transforms into a full length improvised show.

Bleach was named the 2018 Guest Troupe of the Year at the Vegas Theatre Hub and has traveled to festivals all over the country. As founding members of the local theatre company, Grey Envelope (The GET), they recently won the honor of 2018 Best of LV Fringe Festival for their sketch comedy with heart, Mugshots: Two of us Have Been to Jail.



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