Cast: Clark Davis, Greg Manning, Mick Khoury

Introduced to each other as members of the same improv class, Clark Davis, Mick Khoury, and Greg Manning began meeting outside of class to write sketches meant for the internet. It was after a few meetings that they decided to undertake the challenge of writing and performing an entire sketch show all their own entitled Separate Checks, Please. Due to the show's success and to their love of the craft, the group went on to write more sketch shows under the name Average Sized Men. It was during this time that they learned one another's comedic voices and began to anticipate each other's moves during the creative process.


Becoming known as a trio whose individual members could perform improv began to beg the question: "why don't they perform improv?" Well now they do! Average Sized Men began performing improvised sets utilizing their unique rapport and sketch-like rhythm in the form of montage. While still writing and producing sketch shows, the group now regularly performs as an improv troupe to further create as a unit that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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