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SET BITCH FREE (FEMALE IDENTIFYING PLAYERS ONLY) (Devin Bockrath & Sarah Ashley)tcif-buy-now
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3   |   10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

“Set Bitch Free” is a workshop and tribal event for lady identifying improvisers of any experience level hosted by Devin Bockrath. With a focus on technique, character development, risk taking, and the power of support, this class aims to shake vulnerabilities loose, test personal limits and set fire to the rain, duh, #Adele. If you are frustrated, fierce, fearful, fearless, or fun this one’s for you Qwaaan.

About Devin Bockrath: Devin Bockrath is a New York based improviser, actor, writer and sketch comedian. As a Chicago native, she trained with the Annoyance and iO Theaters. During her time in Chicago she was lucky to perform with some amazing groups including The Other Other Guys, Superhuman, DMNK, The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, Invisible World, an original sketch show directed by Mick Napier; and NBC Universal’s Sketch Showcase, directed by Mick Napier and produced by Lou Wallach (The Chappelle Show). Upon moving to New York, she continued her training as an actor with The Atlantic Theater School’s Professional Conservatory and began teaching sketch and improv for the Annoyance Theater’s NY location, where she developed a uniquely female driven improv workshop, Set Bitch Free, inspired by the powerful women of Superhuman. She has appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, IFC’s Comedy Crib, Comedy Central’s Sunset Peak and Orange is the New Black. As a cast member of $700 Rules (Formerly The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour NYC) she performs monthly at Union Hall in Brooklyn.

About Sarah Ashley: Sarah Ashley is an improviser, writer, actor and teacher based in Chicago, IL. She earned a BFA in Theater Performance from the University of Michigan and a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction Writing from The University of Chicago. Sarah performs improv with Super Human (The Annoyance Theater) and Horsefly (CIC Theater). She also plays with The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour and was part of the original cast of Trigger Happy, a stylized, choreographed improv show directed by Mick Napier, both at The Annoyance. Her written work has appeared on She directed the sketch show The Untold, Untrue Love Story of Bill and Hillary Clinton (iO) and the original play My Two Sons (Annoyance). Previously, Sarah appeared in Splatter Theater, The Raven & The Messenger, Burlesque is More and Manic Pixie Dreamland (Annoyance). Trained at iO and The Annoyance, Sarah now teaches AP3 Scene Work at The Annoyance. Sarah is really proud of her “comedy” “food blog” The Foody Heads, but she’s from Minnesota so she has no idea how to brag about that.

CHARACTER EXTRAVAGANZA (Katie Klein & Amber Walker)tcif-buy-now

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3   |   10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Expand your character range with this workshop focused on establishing characters with a strong, committed point of view. Develop tools to help you break through fear and create realistic characters from a fun and truthful place.

About Katie Klein: Katie Klein was born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio and graduated from Indiana University with a very practical degree in film and media studies and a minor in psychology. She then moved to our nation’s capital and fell in love with improv. She began performing in Washington DC, with iMusical at the Washington Improv Theater and with friends at the DC Improv. Wanting more of this creative art form, she moved to Chicago! She trained at iO and Second City and now finds herself lucky enough to make a career out of this. She loves performing and teaching improv around the country. She is a recent alumni of the Second City e.t.c stage, writing and performing in two reviews: Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno, and previously A Red Line Runs Through It. She also performs every Wednesday at iO with her pals in The Late 90’s and Virgin Daiquiri. She can also be seen playing at the Annoyance Theatre on Tuesday nights with her sisters in Super Human and whenever she can with her incredible husband Neil in Ed and Kath. Katie works with iO and Second City Works, and independently you can hire her (she would love it!) to write copy, direct your show, teach improv to your company, coworkers and friends, perform in a show or be a guest at your party. She loves to mingle!

About Amber Walker: Amber Walker performs and teaches improv in Chicago. She performed all over the world with The Second City’s review aboard the Norwegian Star cruise liner and has performed in Chicago at The Second City, iO, and The Annoyance Theatre for over eight years.

YOU-NIQUE PERSPECTIVE (Brandon Gibson & Mark McCracken) tcif-buy-now

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3   |   2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Audiences and improvisers have seen the doctor/patient scene a thousand times. They’ve seen the couple washing dishes in their kitchen. And as an improviser, most of your trips to Starbucks have probably been on stage. Learn how to shakes things up and think outside the box. Explore the uncommon (yet common) initiations, locations, relationships, and environments that are often neglected, but would be familiar and relatable to any audience. Challenge yourself to make new, exciting changes beyond your own normal habits.

About Brandon Gibson & Mark McCracken: The multiple award winning Improv Team, HammerToad (Brandon Gibson & Mark McCracken) gathers together to help you break down walls to new ways of thinking. From eliminating bad habits to exploring the “Cartoons in your head”, they have helped people nationwide to break away from traditional improv and take their performances to a whole new level. Finding truth, exploring the “space” & breaking the audience walls down are just a few techniques they employ to help advance the improv minds of their workshop attendees. Their methods have helped them garner a collective 50+ Network TV shows, 60+ National commercials and their own original comedy series, “Master Class for the Actors of Acting.”


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