VI Lenin



VI Lenin is comprised of three long-time improvisers originally hailing from DC and Chicago. We currently perform a monthly show as a House Troupe at The Unified Scene Theater in Washington, DC. Members have performed in festivals including The Chicago Improv Festival, DCM, DSIF, Philadelphia Improv Festival and more.

After discovering that the three of us were all interested in the same style of improv, a slower paced, discovery-reliant kind of show, we tried it out together and haven’t looked back. We typically start with a longer scene see where that ends up. Sometimes it turns into a scene that takes up the whole show and sometimes we reference some other events or characters that we’d like to explore, so we do that.

Members: Nick Murawski, Rich Nyman

Contact Us
1310 Clinton Street, Suite 121, Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 745-1009