Brian Harrington and Scriven Bernard formed Tabooze in August of 2015 after completing the improv program together at Dallas Comedy House in Dallas, TX. Both performers are highly involved in the theater’s regular goings-on. Brian and Scriven enjoy fun, competitive outings, such as playing trivia games at bars or restaurants or jumping up on stage to sing karaoke.

At the top of the show, Tabooze collects written words from the members of the audience. At the beginning of each scene, one performer draws a word that he shares with the audience but hides from the other performer. The scene ends when the second performer says the word! Tabooze is high-energy and keeps the audience members on the edges of their seats, but their primary goal is to do solid, smart improv. Between the scenes, Brian and Scriven poke fun at each other, sing, dance, or otherwise find little ways to have a blast.

Performers: Scriven Bernard, Brian Harrington


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