Secret Handshake



Edd and Molly are friends, BEST FRIENDS and all best friends have a Secret Handshake.Their style is childlike wonder, existential dread, and the joy of talking animals and inanimate objects. They are a long form improv duo out of Nashville, TN and they’re here to make friends and chew bubblegum.

Edd and Molly have been sharing a stage together since 2013 and they finally started Secret Handshake in February of 2017. Currently they produce a recurring show at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville, TN where they invite new house teams, visiting teams, and student teams to share in the blessing of sweet, sweet, stage time.

Performers: Edd Garcia, Molly Kemp

Contact Us
1310 Clinton Street, Suite 121, Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 745-1009