Samurai Drunk



Samurai Drunk is a long form improv troupe that originated at the Dallas Comedy House, where they perform regularly. They are an organic troupe implementing group games, scenes, and organic edits. Samurai Drunk is known for their high energy, fast-paced format they created called “The Drunk Samurai” incorporating elements of the Harold, close quarters, and lots of support.

Formed in 2011, Samurai Drunk has carved out a unique voice in the Dallas improvisational comedy scene. The diversity of each individual in the troupe creates an undefinable style that can be fast and loose but also slow and grounded while touching on all points in between. Samurai Drunk is also the very first DCH improv troupe to live stream a show to the entire world!

Samurai Drunk has performed at the Out of Bounds Improv Festival in Austin, the Third Coast Improv Festival in Nashville, and the Dallas Comedy Festival.

Performers: Allison Summers, Tim Yager, Nathan Larison, Luke Watson, Bill Hillsman, Patrick Shaffner, Tyler Via


Contact Us
1310 Clinton Street, Suite 121, Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 745-1009