Hometown Improv



Our show is a 15-30 min long-form narrative. The show starts with scene painting of a small town and is followed by a series of short “peak and pop” scenes (lasting 30 sec or less) that quickly lay the foundation of the town and its larger-than-life citizens.

The peak and pop scenes serve as inspiration, and then we dive into a narrative that weaves together members of the town.

About our players:
Our improvisers are all graduates of The Hideout Theater in Austin, Texas, training in the style of Keith Johnstone. The members of Hometown have been cast in multiple Student Mainstage shows at The Hideout Theater and met while all in the cast of December 2017’s Local on the Eights: Improvised Small-Town News (https://www.austinchronicle.com/arts/2017-12-22/the-hideout-theatres-local-on-the-eights/).

Formation of Hometown:
After a run of 6 sold-out shows for Local on the Eights, the cast condensed and reworked their format to fit a 15-30 min set and formed Hometown – a narrative long-form improv show where strong and often strange characters explore the small-town around them. As a troupe, Hometown has been invited to play at multiple theaters around Austin and was a recent participant in Austin’s 48-Hour Improv Marathon. Hometown is coached by Ace Manning (former cast member of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam and current member of Austin’s The Knuckleball Now).

Performers: Amanda Chang, Jennifer Banister, Marissa Macy, Jeffrey Chatman, Scott Rose, Benjamin Blattberg


Contact Us

1310 Clinton Street, Suite 121, Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 745-1009