Full Disclosure Comedy



Full Disclosure Comedy is a long-form improv & sketch comedy group self-taught on the UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual and “Truth in Comedy” by Charna Halpern.

Before each practice and performance, we share our “full disclosure moments” and let everyone inside our heads.

Full Disclosure Comedy was formed in Fall 2014. Kerri Koczen and Rollin Prince threw around the idea of studying long-form improv while working together on show about sex trafficking in Knoxville, Tennessee. Shortly after that discussion, Koczen met Malorie Cunningham at a party in New York City. The two discussed their love for improv before realizing that Cunningham was moving to Knoxville. After the three began to create a comedy troupe, along with Mark Jennings and Billy Kyle Roach, they spent close to nine months studying techniques before their first performance. They continue those studies twice a week. Kristen Ballard and Travis Donahoo joined the group in March and help make up the improv team you see on stage today.

Besides monthly performances at Open Chord Music, FDC is apart of Scruffy’s Cinepub each month, a sort of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.  Full Disclosure has also been apart of the Third Coast Improv Festival and Scruffy City Comedy Festival.

Members: Kristen Ballard, Malorie Cunningham, Travis Donahoo, Mark Jennings, Rollin Prince, Billy Kyle Roach

Full Disclosure